cp_badlands: TF2's de_dust2

the rich history of a competitive TF2 staple

Sam Houston

It would be hard to name a map with more popularity in the Team Fortress 2 competitive community than Badlands. Since its release in 2008, the map quickly became a staple, forming the backdrop to some of the most exciting competitive matches in history. Badlands’ dominance in the competitive scene stretches nearly 8 years, surpassed only by the perennial Granary in longevity. Badlands has been reworked to come in multiple flavors, with arena_badlands and koth_badlands released in 2008 and 2011 respectively. Interestingly, while the cp_badlands is easily the most famous variation, it is a remake of a Team Fortress Classic map, ctf_badlands. Early on its TF2 development, it was designed as a Capture-the-Flag map as well but this idea was quickly replaced with the modern capture point design.

2015: TF2 Year In Review

a look back at the defining moments of the year

tsc Jerm KevinIsPwn brooky12

Another year has passed by, one that has seen the 19th birthday of the Team Fortress franchise and the 8th birthday of Team Fortress 2 - both seemingly very old by modern standards. Despite its age, however, Team Fortress 2 and its moderate competitive scene still had several surprises in store for its fans and participants, as well as many hopes for the future. Without further ado, let’s look over what defined the year and made it so interesting.

froyotech: The Conquerors of the World

a look back at the most dominant team in TF2's competitive history

tsc Tery_

All dynasties must come to an end eventually, and it is now froyotech’s turn to take its bows and fade gently into the stars. In honor of their impressive achievements, let us review their history from meteoric rise to fall from grace and look at the legacy they leave behind for teams to look up to.

Insomnia Trivia

some interesting tidbits about the event


A couple of days ago I tweeted a few interesting facts about the history of TF2’s annual intercontinental tournament, which garnered some interest. Since it’s the eve of Insomnia55, I figured I’d make a more expansive list. In no particular order, here are some things of interest:

  • Insomnia32 was the first edition of Insomnia to feature TF2, just a month after its release, making it one of the first LAN tournaments in the history of the game.
  • With a prize pot of £10,000, Insomnia55 is the biggest tournament in the International Community era, beating out the prize pot of ESEA seasonal finals. However, it falls short of the biggest known prize pot in Team Fortress 2 history of £15,000 at the PC Gamer Showdown in 2008.

Behind the Scenes: TF2 Production

a peek at how the scene's coverage is accomplished


One of the most critical parts of a competitive scene’s existence is its production - the process of taking a game and creating an immersive experience for viewers that allows them to share in its excitement. Game productions are the main way that currently interested people enjoy the game and newly interested people are encouraged to follow, and TF2 is no exception.