These days, I am a software engineer by day, and esports enthusiast by night.

In a previous life where free time was in abundance, I fancied myself as a high-level contributor to the Team Fortress 2 competitive scene, where I served as the developer for Forward Command Post, a co-founder of ChampGG, and a staff member at, among other things.

More recently, I have found myself relegated to the role of spectator as I continue exploring what it means to be a productive member of society (and how I consistently fail to meet that standard). I find myself making up the void by attending live events (the tally covering Counter-Strike, DreamHack, Dota, Overwatch, and Team Fortress), and on occasion playing the odd game that catches my interest.

If you’re interested in contacting me, the best way is almost certainly to message me on Twitter, the one platform I consistently use currently. You can also try sending me an email via the Contact page.