The Numbers of the Crossbow

a weapon that just went a little too far


There’s always some level of controversy over the whitelist, and over the past week or so the focus has been drawn to the favorite of Medics everywhere: Crusader’s Crossbow.

People have massively differing views on what its effect has been to the competitive meta, and without detailed stats it’s impossible to reliably quantify any stats, so the debate is subjective.

Rewind the Clocks for Schedule's Sake

how 45-minute games force compromises in ESA Rewind's schedule


The ruleset announced for ESA Rewind make for a difficult schedule. I decided to take a look at how badly it messes things up.

First, for reference, the relevant part of the ESA Rewind ruleset that makes for difficult scheduling.

Ruleset: 45 minute timelimit, 5 round winlimit 5cp/4 round winlimit koth, two 120 second tactical pauses allowed per team per map

Each map thus needs to be allocated 45 minutes of time plus 8 minutes for tactical pauses (with both teams having 2 timeouts that last 2 minutes each), resulting in 53 minutes needing to be set aside per map. Thus, at bare minimum (and at risk of being unable to accommodate severe delays), single maps need to be given 1 hour each, and best-of-three series need to be given 3 hours each.

Three hours per series is difficult to schedule as it stands, but on top of things Rewind is a two-day tournament, which is very limited on time to begin with.

Upper Bracket Advantage in Double Elimination

a difficult balance between reward and other factors


The recent ESEA Invite grand finals were historic in a way:

This actually spawned a discussion on the upper bracket advantage immediately following the game, in which the power of the upper bracket advantage was questioned as being too significant to overcome.

Fast forward a bit, and we get to Insomnia58. The eventual champions of Crowns eSports Club got into a heated discussion with the admins about what they perceived to be a lack of an advantage going into the best-of-five grand finals. After some wrangling, Full Tilt generously agreed to give up their map ban in exchange for being allowed to pick the first and third maps of the series.

As should be apparent, there’s a lot of controversy on what an upper bracket advantage should look like. I’ve given this a bunch of thought even before this has come up now as it’s a very difficult problem to solve.

Insomnia58 Thoughts

so much after the biggest LAN of the year


After Insomnia58, I felt like writing up my thoughts to give me some closure on the event. This post is a bit messy because it’s mostly me just typing what comes to mind, but I hope it all makes sense. Because I’m typing what I’ve thought about before and during the event, I’m probably also missing some important things that I’ll think about later - if there are enough of those, I’ll probably add a part two sometime. Here goes.

Site Redesign

a fresh look


After much pain and suffering, I have finally finished redesigning this blog as it approaches its one-year anniversary. A redesign wasn’t strictly necessary, but I felt like it was a good time to do so once I found this theme.

This new design is a bit more functional than the last one, with options for featuring posts and separate pages for categories and authors now, as well as support for other additions should I decide I need them in the future. This new design is also not as heavily reliant on images as the last one was, which is good since I don’t tend to have many images for my posts.

Hopefully this design will serve the blog well for the future, though I wouldn’t be surprised if I tear it all up again within a year as I’m always searching for the perfect design to use.